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Mortgages are just financial instruments with a lot of cold, hard figures behind them. But, at East Lake Mortgage, we know it’s not about numbers, it’s about people:

The family that’s moving into their first home. The grateful retiree who wants to refinance to get cash out. The business owner who wants to build his real estate holdings to fund his future. It’s why we’re so passionate about helping people.

But beyond our passion, it’s our deep experience and great problem-solving ability to find solutions, make things happen, and make life better for the people we serve. That’s East Lake Mortgage. And to us, that’s what a mortgage company should be. We’re more than a mortgage company, we’re a people business.

Our sister company is part of the family

Just down the hall from East Lake Mortgage, you’ll find another firm that we own: East Lake Insurance and Tax LLC. We provide simple services like bookkeeping all the way up to complex audits for clients with sales of over $150 million. While we run them as separate companies, it enables us to offer you not only the best mortgage rates and services, but also the best insurance rates and full bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services – all under one roof. So whatever your needs, whether it’s a mortgage, taxes or insurance, we’re here to help with experienced guidance, great solutions and personal service. As an independent, we don’t represent just a single company, we have the freedom to find the best rates and prices from many sources – and we pass the savings on to you. So make it easy on yourself. Let East Lake Insurance and Tax LLC and East Lake Mortgage be your one-stop financial shop.

Residential Mortgages

VA, FHA and conventional home mortgages. Save with low rates and low closing costs. We can help you qualify and close in a timely manner.

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Refi made easy. Lower your monthly mortgage. Get cash out of your home. No out-of-pocket closing costs. Preapprovals available.

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Commercial Mortgages

We cater to the multi-unit investor. Let us help you build your real estate portfolio. Qualify and close in a timely manner at a low rate.

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professional and quality service with a personal touch
I love how they provide professional and quality service with a personal touch. They gave me plenty of options to choose from and recommended what would be best for me and my family.
best in the business Extremely knowledge and definitely trustworthy.
It’s hard to find businesses that provide services you can trust, but with Baskal and East Lake Mortgage, you don’t have to worry about that. Keep up the great work!
they understand the investor side of things
Many lenders fall short in that area! Great team! I have used East Lake Mortgage many times for refinance and a primary purchase!! I am taking care of every time!!
I will definitely recommend East Lake Mortgage to my family and friends for their knowledge, professionalism and kindness.
East Lake Mortgage assisted me with the refinance of my home , Baskal was magnificent, He kept me up to date every step of the way on my refinance, answered any questions or concerns I had immediately.
Highly recommended! East Lake Mortgage was able to lower my monthly payment & interest rate with less overall payments!